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Victorian British Calvary Uniform Militaria Buyer
1870 British Calvary Uniform

At Iron Cross Militaria and Antiques, our passion is preserving historical artifacts and helping these objects get into the hands of collectors who will preserve them for future generations.  We are a militaria buyer and appraise all types of militaria antiques and historical artifacts.  These objects sometimes end up in museums all over the world.  Clinton Beck who is the founder has a keen interest and eye for historical artifacts.  He is a CPPA Personal Property Appraiser and Auctioneer. If you have anything historical, please contact us as we can help you value your items or help you get your artifacts in the hand of a collector.

Some of Clinton Beck’s finds are now part of the Canadian National History Museum and the Royal British Columbia Museum.

Clinton Beck is currently the President of the Wild Rose Antique Collectors Society and Past Vice President and Show Director of The Military Collectors Club of Canada.

Our three stores in Edmonton and Leduc Alberta Canada have treasures including uniforms, military medals, weapons, swords, armor and all objects militaria.

E-mail us at admin@ironcrossantiques.com

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